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Bloggers Blog -- Blogging the Blogosphere [Bloggers Blog -- Blogging the Blogosphere] Bloggers and personal websites have been covering the bird flu (or avian flu) for years -- even before the terrifying Sars outbreak in Canada and Southeast Asia. However, as the disease has spread and there have been more warnings from scientists and government leaders about the possibility of an unstoppable pandemic the number of bird flu bloggers has increased.

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[] Bird Flu Watch: As senior UN system coordinator for avian and human influenza, Nabarro will be responsible for ensuring an effective and coordinated contribution by the UN system to controlling the current epidemic of avian influenza that is particularly affecting countries in Asia. He will also ensure that the UN system supports effective local, national, regional and global preparations for a potential human influenza pandemic -- so as to reduce the human toll, as well as the economic and social disruption, that this pandemic could cause.

4webresults.com [] Candian Blogger Crawford Kilian Talks About H5N1 Bird Flu ...: I found Crawford Kilian, who has some information about H5N1 or avian flu, also called bird flu, that you should listen to. Now he's not a medical expert on this topic;[] Birds of Kolkata: Avian Influenza or Bird Flu and India: . Until recently, HPAI viruses had been isolated rarely from wild birds. Epidemiological studies suggest that, in some cases, wild birds are likely to have played a role in the transmission of H5N1 viruses to domestic poultry. Samples collected from clinically normal birds in the wild have not yet yielded any H5N1viruses. Infection with H5N1 HPAI does not necessarily cause clinical disease. Science and Nature journals report that the H5N1 viral strain is now being transmitted between migratory wild birds makes avian flu even more of a global threat than before. [] Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bird flu pandemic 'could ...: Last week, veterinary and medical chiefs from the European Union held talks aimed at drawing up an EU-wide action plan to prevent the spread of bird flu. Experts say spotting any outbreak immediately and treating local people with anti-viral drugs and vaccines will be the key to containing any outbreak.

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