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[Recombinomics Whats New] The outbreak of avian flu in Assam has prompted the state government to sound an alert in Calcutta and the rest of the state.

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[India Server - News] West Bengal On High Alert After Bird Flu Hits Assam: After receiving confirmation of a Bird Flu outbreak in Assam a few days ago the state health department of West Bengal has put all the districts on high alert. A letter dated 1st December was issued to all the chief medical officers of health in the state by the joint director of public health.

[Flu News Network] Alarm bells ring after Bird Flu hits Assam « Flu News Network: A senior health department official told The Statesman: “On 1 December, the Centre notified us of a Bird Flu outbreak in our neighbouring state, Assam. On that day itself, we have put all our districts on high alert.

[Medical Operations Collaboration and Control (C2) blog] Avian Influenza report from India: 20080803.2379 Avian influenza (69): S Korea, India (W Bengal) 20080515.1626 Avian influenza (68): Japan, S.Korea, Viet Nam, India 20080511.1605 Avian influenza (64): India (Tripura) 20080423.1434 Avian influenza (59): India (Tripura), South Korea (N Jeolla) 20080408.1295 Avian influenza (48): China, Bangladesh, India, Viet Nam 20080317.1042 Avian influenza (46): India, Viet Nam, Bangladesh 20080314.1013 Avian influenza (42): India (West Bengal) 20080309.0967 Avian influenza (35): UK (England), Indonesia, India, Bangladesh 20080215.0600 Avian influenza, poultry vs migratory birds (02): Turkey, India 20080205.0462 Avian influenza (17): Iran (Mazandaran), India (West Bengal) - OIE

[Recombinomics Whats New] Calcutta Issues H5N1 Alert: Although large numbers of poultry deaths have not been reported in Calcutta, the dead crows and hawks raise concerns that H5N1 has flown into the city. These arrivals do not have to result in dead poultry initially.

[India Server - News] About 30000 Poultry To Be Culled In Assam: The outbreak of bird flu in poultry has been declared in Assam as result, about 30,000 chickens and ducks are supposed to be culled in the state by the next four days. According to the deputy director of the Assam veterinary department, Manoranjan Choudhury, the culling teams will conduct house-to-house search in all affected regions of Assam and eliminate the ailing poultry birds.

[Recombinomics Whats New] Suspect H5N1 in Suburban Calcutta: After the outbreak in Birbhum, Murshidabad and South Dinajpur districts, deaths of more than about 400 poultry birds were reported at Mankundu in Sarisa in the outskirts of the city.

["Reflections" - Doctor Bruno's Blog] "Reflections" - Doctor Bruno's Blog: Govt failure caused Bird Flu ...: Because of the filthy and cramped conditions that chickens raised for meat and eggs are forced to endure, disease is rampant. The Environmental Defence Fund also explains, “Antibiotics are routinely fed to healthy livestock and poultry to make them gain weight faster and to compensate for unsanitary living conditions.”

[BJP] World is prepared to fight avian flu outbreak: UN | BJP: Government ministers are to meet in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from Friday to Sunday to discuss the latest measures taken and to plan for future action against influenza. The ministerial conference is hosted by the Egyptian government and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza, which was launched by the US in 2005.

[Who Knows News] Tamiflu News: Several countries in Europe are bringing in measures and stepping up threat levels to prevent recent outbreaks of deadly H5N1 avian flu in the wild bird population from spreading to commercial and farm birds.

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