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[Avian Flu Diary] Donald Low, chief microbiologist at Toronto's Mount Sinai hospital, chuckles when he hears about some of the alternative remedies, including one that suggests putting onions around the house, like a farmer did with the Spanish flu in 1918, to absorb the virus.

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[] It's Only the Flu”¦: If you’re not familiar, Influenza can come in a number of forms, H1N1 being one, H5N1 being another, and so on. Each form is different enough that if you have immunity to one it doesn’t give you immunity to another (so for example being immune to H1N1 doesn’t give you immunity to H5N1).

[] Flu shots: coming to a place near you - Health - are mixing and matching the different types, giving that poor child what could be either the Swine flu or the Avian flu virus right up his nose. And another video of a woman suffering from dystonia because of a bad reaction to a seasonal flu shot recently.

[Chen Qi -The World of Micro-Organism Virus | Swine flu | H5N1 | NOVEL H1N1 INFLUENZA] Chen Qi -The World of Micro-Organism Virus | Swine flu | H5N1 ...: Free seasonal flu vaccinations, scheduled for the middle of this month to February, are available to medical workers, staff and volunteers involved in the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, entry-exit staff, people working in service industries, teachers and pupils and people aged over 60.

[INCOG MAN: Sick of all the BS...] Mystery Illness in Ukraine Killing Thousands? « INCOG MAN: Sick of ...: Moshe also said that a Ukrainian branch of Baxter Pharmaceutical had prepared a tainted batch of H1N1 Swine Flu vaccinations. He claimed that they had made up the stuff as a bioweapon disguised as harmless vaccinations and that it had adjuvants designed to weaken the immune system, along with a deadly disease, possibly a reversed engineered version of the 1918 bug that killed upwards of 50 million worldwide, or maybe something entirely else.

[Full Comment] Raphael Alexander: Canada's politically-motivated flu plan - Full ...: "One learns something when one dangles a cat by the tail that one can learn no other way"---the same thing with the current situation---a colleagues wife has already died of H1N1---our fears/concerns are based on reality---I've just had the seasonal flu shot and will get the H1N1 as soon as I can---facing suspected H1N1 every day in the office is daunting---I'm encouraging all my loved ones to get immunized and am keeping away from my grand children in the mean time.

[Chen Qi -The World of Micro-Organism Virus | Swine flu | H5N1 | NOVEL H1N1 INFLUENZA] Chen Qi -The World of Micro-Organism Virus | Swine flu | H5N1 ...: The health ministry announced Friday that it had requested all 47 prefectures to vaccinate small children ahead of schedule. It said children between the ages of 1 and 6 as well as those in up to third grade of elementary school should receive flu shots from mid-November instead of the first half of December.

[statism watch] Vaccine scarcity claims don't add up: Behind the scenes, swine flu is starting to stress out a Prime Minister’s Office that is quietly fingering the provinces as the culprit. They even scripted Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq to be uncharacteristically blunt, snarling at the pharmaceutical firm for a production slowdown created by federal orders for a safer form of the vaccine for pregnant women.

[Notes from a Doctor's Practice at DailyStrength] Swine Flu, Should I be Tested if I have a Fever and Sore Throat ...: We have started to see patients in clinic this week with symptoms of common viral upper respiratory infections and many are asking: should I be tested for Swine flu? Remember by far the majority of these are common viral upper respiratory infections but since so much time has been given to Influenza AH1N1 I wanted to briefly post indications for testing and what tests can be done.

[Laura's Mommy Blog] To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate? « Laura's Mommy Blog: Just when it seemed the worse was over for him and he had gone back to feeling well, fever was gone and he wanted to eat again he spiked a new fever I had to put him in a tepid bath tub to try and lower the fever and while in the tub Parker turned blue and his eyes started to roll backwards.

[Times Colonist - News] What, me panic? H1N1 could get the better of me: Interspersed were the frightening discovery of Cryptococcus neoformans on Vancouver Island in 2002, which led me to hold my breath every time we drove past Parksville, and the arrival of SARS in 2003, after which I swore off Toronto forever. (OK, that's also a fib: I swore off Toronto in 1978.)

[Ron Paul .com] Ron Paul on H1N1: Freedom of Choice for All Americans! | Ron Paul .com: So, the powers that be do not want us to know about how to fight these cytokine storms, or things that squalene and “Avian flu” causes”¦ So the more I try to learn, the more I realize someone is hiding soomething”¦ .I wrote an answer into our local paper here which is on my blog basically saying “Why not lay off some of the redundent government workers.” That includes probably 20-30% of them in Toronto.

[Assata Shakur Speaks - Hands Off Assata - Let's Get Free - Revolutionary - Pan-Africanism - Black On Purpose - Liberation - Forum] The Obama, Swine flu connection: Who would of thought....: Obama, who declined to be interviewed about the stock deals, has already had to contend with a controversy that arose out of his reliance on a major campaign contributor in Chicago to help him in a personal financial transaction. In that earlier case, he acknowledged last year that it had been a mistake to involve the contributor, a developer who has since been indicted in an unrelated political scandal, in deals related to the Obamas’ purchase of a home.

[NeuroLogica Blog] NeuroLogica Blog » H1N1 Vaccine and GBS: This is very reliable data, as we have been using the same basic technology for the flu vaccine for decades and we have reliable statistics on GBS as treatment requires hospitalization. Some cases may be missed if they are very mild (probably rare, but also if a case is too mild to be recognized then who cares) or from misdiagnosis (also probably rare as it is fairly easy to eventually confirm the diagnosis even if it may be difficult initially).

[Effect Measure] The Atlantic article: sur rebuttal : Effect Measure: Like Revere, I am sympathetic to Jackson and Simonsen's argument about seasonal flu vaccine in the elderly, and in fact have a paper coming out in the journal Epidemiology that discusses in a very positive fashion Lisa Jackson's original study indicating that the protection for the elderly has been overestimated. But like Revere and the others upset by this article, I can't see how Brownlee and Lenzer move from the premise in the first sentence above, to the conclusion in the second.

[Britannica Blog] What's Different (and Dangerous) About Swine Flu? | Britannica Blog: Reassortant H1N1 swine virus appears to be more deadly in pigs than classical H1N1 swine virus, which was first isolated from pigs in the 1930s and did not possess genes from the human and avian viruses.  The mutations in polymerase genes and in other viral genes are believed to further increase the virulence of swine influenza viruses, causing severe respiratory disease and death in pigs.  Perhaps, the sicker the pigs the more likely the virus is to be spread to humans, whether through physical contact with sick animals or through inhaling infectious virus circulating in the air.  Reassortant H1N1 swine influenza virus is common in pigs in the United States, and since the initial reassortant viruses emerged, the number of cases of human swine flu in the United States has increased annually. 

[Economix] Swine Flu vs. Financial Panics - Economix Blog - On the other hand, even countries like India and Indonesia are likely to give the flu epidemic more weight, proportionally, than economics, both because of the influence of Western media voices, and because even under a recession, people can wager that they’re better off than their parents’ generation.

[Motherlode] A Parent's Fears About Swine Flu - Motherlode Blog - It is a historical fact that world is long overdue for a flu pandemic, so concern that one could emerge from this is not some end-of-days, panic-driven perspective. It is also a fact that the 1918 pandemic began with a mild version in the spring (with very little mortality) and returned in the fall to kill an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

[Culture of Life News] Story Of Very Sudden H1N1 Child Death « Culture of Life News: If the vaccine is to contain a DEAD flu virus, then one can hope that all other contaminants like chicken cancer cells and avian viruses have been killed alongside the flu viruses.The thimerosols and the adjuvants in the vaccines that are injected directly into one’s bloodstream are toxic in their own right….but one can hope that at least these chemicals have killed all avian viruses.

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