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[CDC's Public Health Law News] Preventing the Spread of Influenza (the Flu) in Child Care Settings: Guidance for Administrators, Care Providers, & Other Staff

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[Flu News Network] CDC Hiding trH3N2 Cluster In Minnesota « Flu News Network: This cluster was a concern because in addition to the lab confirmed H3N2 in the index case and his daughter, additional family members had influenza-like illness. The confirmation of the H3N2 in the daughter led to a week 30 MMWR update which raised the number of trH3N2 cases reported in 2011 to 2 (although both cases were due to infections in 2010), and the CDC has used the isolate from the father, A/Minnesota/11/2010, as a pandemic H3N2 vaccine target.

[CDC Travel Notices plus News and Announcments] Avian Flu, Advice for ... - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A few people have become infected through close contact with another person who is sick with bird flu, but this is very rare and H5N1 has not continued to spread past one person. CDC expects that outbreaks of H5N1 virus to continue among birds in Asia, parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

[Suite101: Science & Nature Articles] Swine, Avian and Human Flu, Understanding Flu: Pigs, Birds and ...: Recently, the CDC reported an April 2009 outbreak of swine influenza originating in Mexico and appearing in California and Texas. Influenza epidemics may occur at any time, but they are more likely in the winter and early spring.

[Avian Flu Talk] Avian Flu Talk: New Flu Strain: We would not predict that addition of the matrix segment from H1N1 would make a swine H3N2 that spreads poorly in people have pandemic potential BUT our ability to predict is not great. A different reassortant might easily arise from mixing human, pig, and bird segments with the capacity to be dangerous, either because of a new H [hemagglutinin] type or because of high level antiviral resistance."

[] Here Comes the Hype: Bird flu could be returning, U.N. warns ...: The CDC states: “Yearly, adults can average one to three and children three to six influenza-like illnesses (ILIs). The vaccine does not prevent influenza-like illnesses caused by infectious agents other than influenza [strains found in the shot], and many persons vaccinated against influenza will still get the flu.” Translated that means a vaccine can ONLY have the potential to be effective against a particular strain and there are over 800 strains.

[Politicol News] Swine Flu Manufactured by Drug Companies: Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its “biosimulars” through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr.

[Flu Symptoms 2011] influenza disease flu jabs for business: Agent Environmental Survival of Avian Influenza Viruses Seasonal Influenza: Questions and Answers Information about the disease and vaccines Influenza: Questions and Answers: Information about the disease and Guide to Surveillance, Reporting and Control Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Communicable Disease Control June 2006 - 406 Influenza HDOH/DOCD Surveillance Report May 22, 2009 Volume 2009(18-19) Page 1 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH DISEASE May 27, 2011 · Overview of influenza, case definitions, vaccine information (including the Influenza Vaccination Pocket Information Guide), and surveillance data with.

[] Two US children develop flu from pigs: CDC – Reuters: Two US children were infected with flu viruses that originated in pigs in the past two months, and an analysis of both viruses showed they had picked up genetic material from the 2009 pandemic influenza A H1N1 … New flu virus infects two US children, CDC reports Washington Post New Swine Flu Sickens Two Kids MedPage Today New CDC-Developed Diagnostic Lab Test for Flu Approved (press release) About –

[Natural Unseen Hazards Blog] BIRD FLU H5N1 Update - Natural Unseen Hazards Blog - WordPress: And, the FAO says, bird flu “is still firmly entrenched” in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. What worries the FAO is that after winding down over the past five years, the last year has seen a rising number of poultry outbreaks, including outbreaks in countries that previously eliminated the virus or were never before affected.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Will i Give Great Dog The Flu? | Walk On Water The ...: News on Avian Flu | Whether we are dealing with the aftermath of the horrible conditions and weakened immune systems of millions who survived World War I or the horrible conditions of Asian and European poultry farms and their millions of animals with weakened immune systems, ... Video Rebel's Blog - WordPress: The CDC states: “Yearly, adults can average one to three and children three to six influenza-like illnesses (ILIs). ...

[Health Blog] Quickly Figuring Out What Strain of Flu is Infecting You - Health Blog ...: As for the H1N1 gene, flu viruses normally swap genes and scientists have been on the watch for a reassortment involving genes from the pandemic virus. The special report was released to remind state labs to remain vigilant in testing flu viruses, he says.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: CDC alerts health providers to watch for avian ...: ..: CDC alerts health providers to watch for avian influenza; no cases here yet.(Clinical Rounds)(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): An .

[Navy Medicine] Immunization Readiness | Navy Medicine: Our force health protection partners in this effort are vast.  TRICARE provides age-appropriate doses of vaccines as recommended by CDC to military personnel world-wide.  The Military Vaccine Agency (MILVAX) coordinates military immunization programs through education and training like their Immunization University which trains health care workers, including at all Military Treatment Facilities.  Our Navy Medical Logistics Command tracks and orders flu vaccines for the entire Navy, Marine Corps, and their beneficiaries, and works with the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support to ensure accurate and rapid delivery of the flu vaccine.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Outbreak Notice: Human Avian influenza, Asia ...: Highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus (also called “H5N1,” “bird flu,” or “avian flu” ) has caused serious disease in poultry and wild birds on multiple continents. News Blog: Bird flu round up: This last influenza pandemic also allowed others to obtain this virus from those who died as a result to create effective treatments and vaccines for viral outbreaks that may .

[Free Your Mind] Contagion: The Avian Flu and Mankind « Free Your Mind: This means that if a pig cell is infected by an H5N1 viral strain as well as H3N2, then it is possible the two will interact to create say H5N2, which is an entirely new and dangerous strain. Therefore, what we are scared of is the event that a pig is infected with both avian flu and a strain of human influenza simultaneously, allowing the avian flu to interact with a human flu to generate a new strain of avian flu with primarily human genes.

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