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[Pathogen Alert] “People do not need to panic and should be confident that the new cases will be brought under control as effective measures have been taken by the government,” Cui Shangjin, a bird flu specialist, told the China Daily paper on Monday.


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[Phatic Communion] GWB and Chavez: On the same day, China and Venezuela issued the joint press communiqué. The communiqué indicated: both sides are pleased to see that on President Chavez’s visit to China in 2004, Venezuela declared its decision to recognize China’s complete market economy status; in order to create long-term stable and equitable trade environment, both sides commit to further develop and strengthen bilateral economic cooperation; Venezuela reaffirms its adherence to one-China position, opposes “Taiwan Independence”, and supports China to enact “Anti-Secession Law” and realize national unity through the policy of “peaceful reunification and one country, two systems”. [Emphasis added.]

[marccooper] Oliver Stone-d: We showed a version of the film with that scene in it to preview audiences herein the U.S., and the comment cards that came back didn't like it. The feelingwas that people in America didn't know how they were supposed to react to themovie, which I found kind of sad. Dr.

[] John Quiggin » Blog Archive » Monday Message Board: The statistics bear some of the first evidence that China’s booming textile and apparel trade, unhampered by quotas, could be prepared to dominate the global textile trade and add to trade tensions around the world. The quotas came to an end on Dec. 31 as a result of an international agreement reached in 1993.

[] Memorie di un giovane cinefilo: Questa è solo la cosa più fastidiosa di un film altrimenti di strana ma innegabile bellezza, con almeno una sequenza lunga e meravigliosa (quella notturna e angosciante, spinta ai limiti), molte altre memorabili (citandone una, l'identificazione al centro di accoglienza), attori splendidi e una sceneggiatura che, a partire da una bella storia, non sa bene che strada prendere (soprattutto alla fine) ma almeno sa, per una volta, prendere di petto il presente. "Non è giusto, ma non è colpa mia" dice Boni, mostrando sia una condizione legislativa indecorosa o semplicemente confusa e paradossale (rincarata dal manifesto elettorale esposto fuori da una specie di bolgia dantesca di clandestini), sia la visione che la "classe dominante", anche se illuminata o progressista, ha dei problemi e della realtà che le sta intorno.

[] FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog: Monday, April 04, 2005: Especially when it would involve an amphibious operation involving at least ten hours time at sea for the ships of the amphibious force. The exact details are kept secret, but the plan involves using over 600 ballistic missiles, and several hundred warplanes, which China has stationed within range of Taiwan. Within an hour, the missiles could hit Taiwanese anti-aircraft missile launchers, radars, airbases, ships in harbor and army barracks and combat vehicles. Launch the attack in the pre-dawn hours, and you catch most of the troops in their barracks, and the ships, warplanes and tanks lined up and vulnerable.

[] Here We Sit, a weblog: Well, since I'm not in China any longer, I guess this is my last post to this blog. I'll update the rest of the site as necessary, but see no need to continue this blog on this site since I'm not sitting by the Yellow Sea on my slow Chinese computer. I may send you a link to a future blog site in the near future. Likely, it will still be hosted on

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