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[Pandemic Virus Facts and Information] Editorial: A Medical-Legal Travesty in Libya The New York Times - October 14, 2006 Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor are facing the death penalty in [A href=' .

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Some related posts from Technorati and Google. [] Declan Butler, reporter: In an earlier post, I discussed one of the big obstacles to wider use of Google Earth in science: much professional spatial data are in shapefile format and need to be converted to KML, the format GE uses, to be viewed in Google Earth. Several converters have emerged including KMLer, KML Home Companion, and Export to KML, and the Pro version of Google Earth allows import of shapefiles.

[] New AIDS Review Christmas present for the Libyan held doctors and ...: This week's expected deal comes after the Libyan Supreme Court on Sunday overturned the death sentences of the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor and ordered a new trial having found "irregularities" in the old one. Although the lower court trial had been widely criticized by observers as a travesty of justice, and the Bulgarians claimed that some confessions had been obtained under considerable duress, the decision of the country's highest court had been far from a foregone conclusion, and might even have been something of a surprise, particularly for its speed and clarity.[] Reuters AlertNet - Kate Moss goes African: Corrina, I also "completely agree with Hundal and Pool." Hopefully, I misunderstood YOUR comment that "There are plenty (though not enough) beautiful black women,..." The part I think I misunderstood is "though not enough...." What is your perception of beauty as it pertains to black women?

[] The Pink Flamingo :: SUN OCT 1 The Speaker of the House Must ...: During the past few weeks there has been some blogging and a few national articles detailing the power gap that now exists in SC since the death of Carroll Campbell and Strom Thurmond. What the out of state pundits don't realize is that Campbell was suffering from alzheimers and had been out of it for a few years. 

[] The Next Hurrah: Health Policy: Imagine that five American nurses and a British doctor have been detained and tortured in a Libyan prison since 1999, and that a Libyan prosecutor called at the end of August for their execution by firing squad on trumped-up charges of deliberately contaminating more than 400 children with HIV in 1998. Meanwhile, the international community and its leaders sit by, spectators of a farce of a trial, leaving a handful of dedicated volunteer humanitarian lawyers and scientists to try to secure their release.

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