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[Swine Flu Newscast] Concerns over bird flu helped prepare the United States for the current swine flu outbreak, but officials cautioned that there were still gaps in planning.

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[BBC NEWS | Photo Blog] BBC - Fergus On Flu: Pandemic 'getting closer' says WHO: The man is believed to be the first person in Britain to be taken critically ill, suffering only from swine flu. The woman is said to have underlying health problems as does a third patient, a 38-year-old man, who was admitted to intensive care at a hospital in Glasgow last week.

[News-Miner stories] • Fairbanks woman is Alaska's first swine flu case: And it appears that 10 of those fatalities occurred in people who had an underlying condition that put them at greater risk for severe complications of influenza. And we're seeing that kind of pattern, that the more severe complications, hospitalizations or deaths, tend to be disproportionately in people with underlying conditions.

[ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed] Swine flu: WHO and its pandemic phases : Effect Measure: Thirty thousand people in Britain are likely to have been already infected by swine flu, one of the country's leading authorities has told The Independent on Sunday. This would mean that the virus is 300 times more widespread than the Health Protection Agency (HPA) admits.

[Chicago Arts And Science] Pandemic or paranoia? Handicapping the swine flu: “Outbreaks like the current one serve to remind us that nature is constantly evolving both attacking viruses and host defenses,” said Tom Slezak, associate program leader for informatics at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a Department of Energy facility in Livermore, Calif., that recently produced a paper studying the correlation between influenza genotypes and virulence. “Our sampling of both wild and domestic livestock reservoirs could be better, in terms of monitoring what must be an incredible variety of re-assortments and mutations that are being generated.”

[] Whats the Difference between swine flu and a regular flu?: And it may dry up to some degree this summer, but come fall they are hoping that it does not mutate into something far far worse”¦ people are not making this connection, BUT if you do the research and READ about the Avian flu, you may start to see why they are .It probably won't happen soon, but later on, like next flu season, you should have enough canned foods and prepare your household for a period of staying indoors if you may.

[How to of the Day] How to Prevent and Prepare for Swine Flu - wikiHow: What is currently referred to in the media as the "swine flu" is a respiratory disease with symptoms similar to that of the familiar seasonal flu. While originally thought to originate with pigs, it has not been isolated in swine.[1] The official name for the "swine flu" we face is H1N1.[2] As of May 1, 2009, this flu outbreak is classified in Phase 5 by the World Health Organization[3] but is not in Phase 6, the global pandemic phase.[4] The term "pandemic" is not bound to a certain number of cases, but defined by human-to-human transmission in three different countries.

[Swine Flu Updates] Fears of Avian Flu Said to Help US Prepare for Swine Flu - New ...: Six years of worrying about bird flu did much to prepare the United States for the current swine flu outbreak, federal officials and an independent monitoring group said Thursday, but they cautioned that there were still gaps in …

[One Green Generation] How To Prepare For Swine Flu | One Green Generation: I am not particularly worried about swine flu because right now it doesn’t look much different than any other flu. But because it is made up of 3 different flu strains combined, it has a greater potential to mutate into something more severe.

[The Treatment] Swine Flu: Better to Over-Prepare than Under-Prepare - The Treatment: For example, officials at the CDC have been in constant contact with Mexican health authorities, the health agencies of other affected nations, the World Health Organization, and--most recently--local authories in communities affected by the flu. These open lines of communications also serve as sounding boards and brain storming sessions for all these experts.

[Well] When Swine Flu Hits Home - Well Blog - We moved back from China earlier this year, and were surprised at how relaxed and unfamiliar many Americans are with the basics of SARS and Avian flu and the impact they had on Asia. And we are a bit alarmed that the public’s reaction to the WHO and CDC response to the current flu has generally been one of frustration and ridicule.

[City Room] 2 More With Swine Flu Die, City Confirms - City Room Blog ...: Mindful that in 1976, 40 million Americans got a vaccine against a swine flu that never re-emerged, and many suffered side effects that may have been caused by it, health officials want to make sure the makers have as much time as possible to test the vaccine’s safety and to make sure the returning virus looks dangerous enough to justify the risks — usually slight —

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: FEMA: National Hurricane Preparedness Week: In 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an international call for all nations to do whatever it takes to increase public appetite and demand for annual influenza shots as the main strategy to prepare for an influenza pandemic. ... Swine Flu Smoking Gun? CDC was Combining Flu Viruses in 2004: “New flu is a genetic mix” ,”¦ “CDC to mix avian, flu viruses” ,”¦ “CDC to conduct ...

[Bank Systems & Technology: The Blog] Bank Systems & Technology: The Blog: Swine Flu for the Birds: Remember, as senior IT executives who are often responsible for business continuity planning and disaster recovery, it is our obligation to our agency’s staff and the public they serve to prepare and plan for the inevitable. It is our obligation to develop a business continuity plan in the age of a looming flu pandemic.

[News: News blog |] Swine flu outbreak spreads | News | The swine flu may prove that the WHO/Centres for Disease Control version of pandemic preparedness - without massive new investment in surveillance, scientific and regulatory infrastructure, basic public health, and global access to lifeline drugs - belongs to the same class of Ponzified risk management as Madoff securities. It is not so much that the pandemic warning system has failed as it simply doesn't exist, even in North America and the EU.

[Consults] More Readers' Questions About Swine Flu - Consults Blog - It might not help the US so much since they share a border with Mexico, but for non-border countries such as in Europe where the disease has been spread mainly by returning air travellers from Mexico City, an immediate home quarantine for travellers returning from Mexico City instead of saying it was ok for them to go straight back to school or work could have helped to seriously curb the spread of the new flu virus to school children, work colleagues, and others in the wider community.

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