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[H5N1 Pandemic Information News] As many as 2574 chickens in the poultry farming owned by Kamal Ghimire of Saibu-5 were killed and 450-kg feed destroyed after the bird flu stalked farming. Dr Mugal Shah, Chief at District Livestock Office, Lalitpur said as .

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[Nepal travel hub] Bird flu confirmed in Lalitpur | Nepal travel hub “We have upped surveillance in the area and will not allow poultry business there for three months,” Chief of the District Veterinary Office Mogal Prasad Sah said. He added that no human has been infected with the virus.

[] Bird flu detected in another farm -: Two days after the detection of bird flu in a poultry farm in Bhainsepati, the flu virus has been found in another farm in the same place in Lalitpur district. The farm has been sealed after the confirmation of the possession of the virus on Sunday.

[Kathmandu Insider] 350 chicken culled in Lalitpur's poultry farm- Kathmandu Insider: Bal Krishna Bhusal, Chief of District Public Health Office (DPHO), said health officials had now disinfected the farm located in Bhainsepati and also conducted medical test on people living around the area. [break]

[Finance online - Financial Advice|Financial Planning] Nepal, a chicken farm bird flu | Finance online - Financial Advice ...: Medical personnel has been tested and found some dead chickens samples containing the H5N1 avian influenza virus, and then I emergency culling of the remaining 380 chickens and destroyed more than 1600 eggs and 350 kilograms of poultry meat chicken farm store.

[ - Daily News Stories] Over 300 chickens culled in Nepal farm: Bal Krishna Bhusal, chief of the district public health office, told Xinhua that health officials have disinfected the farm in Bhainsepati of Lalitpur district.

[Mizonews.Net] Over 300 chickens culled in Nepal farm | Mizonews.Net: Bhusal said the owner of the farm claimed 6,000 chickens have died. But the authorities provided compensation for only 350 chickens.

[Nepali Site] Nepali Site — Over 300 chickens culled in Nepal: The Nepal's government has directed Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and other concerned ministries to implement the recommendations of a report that seeks to ultimately halt Gurkha recruitments in foreign armies. The Office of Prime Minister and …

[Mulghar] Mulghar: Awareness Campaign to control to control bird flu risks: According to the Livestock Service Office, some 6,000 chickens and 1,600 eggs were culled in Gurung's poultry farm. The team also sprinkled medicine to prevent bird flu effects around the farm.

[Nepal Mountain News] Bird flu found in another farm in Capital | Nepal Mountain News: According to Chief of the District Veterinary Office, Mogal Prasad Sah, the authorities swung into action after the chickens started dying regularly by sealing other nearby farms. The owner had complained of chickens dying regularly in the farm.

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