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[American Scientist Online] In a secure laboratory built to contain harmful pathogens, Fouchier took the H5N1 bird flu virus and mutated it, through some worryingly simple steps, into an airborne strain that spread swiftly among ferrets in neighbouring cages. At first glance .

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[The Raw Story] U.S. committee will decide if international scientists allowed to ...: Ab Osterhaus, a leading authority on flu and head of Fouchier’s department in the Netherlands, said the risk of a terrorist attack had to be weighed against the benefits of circulating the information so more scientists can work on combatting dangerous mutant flu strains. “Of course there is a theoretical possibility that these data will get into the hands of people who really want to do bioterror attacks, but if you look back in history, what kind of bioterror have we seen?

[54 Music News] Mapping Bird Flu News – Innovative and Graphic Way to Monitor ...: Inside the unfortunate situation that bird flu outbreaks become more prevalent within the UK NewsGlobe can also switch to a country particular mode, plotting stories to town and village level. If stories have location data embedded in them (including postcode or national grid references) then stories and case particulars might be displayed to 100m accuracy.

[paint's personal blog] Chicken bird flu drive into the city was "cold winter" - oil pipe fittings ...: Rooster baked cranberry sauce recipe meal running marketplace is never ever confident, Dian Liu Chuang in the vicinity, the media reporter resulted in some braised bird shopping mall windows are actually heaped with lots of the meats, fowl gear, yet unfortunately several solely. Coordinator, recommending in direction of entrance door to be able to a currently d the entire braised fowl boutique, declared correspondents not too long braised fowl business enterprise not really pretty much the last, more meats programs want to do great deal more work.

[ - Toronto News At A Glance] Scientists studying bird flu must have biosecurity: Canada | TNews ...: Scientists studying bird flu must have biosecurity: Canada. If Canadian scientists want to conduct research on H5N1 flu viruses modified to enhance their ability to spread, the work will have to be done in laboratories with the .

[awarenessisfree] Being Vegan « awarenessisfree: Mad Cow Disease, Listeria, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, HIV, are the the result of humans eating animal corpses. Then there are the countless tainted .

[UNICEF News] UNICEF Indonesia supports community bird flu prevention programme: The AI Kit is just one part of the public awareness campaign. This year, with funding from Canada, UNICEF will produce new public service announcements, conduct media workshops, facilitate pandemic planning and - most important - hold more community meetings and workshops with local leaders and the general public to prevent bird flu in Indonesia.

[Squidoo : Fresh Lenses in Healthy Living] N95 Mask: N95 disposable mask has latest electrostatically charged microfibers that surpass NIOSH filtration criteria yet make breathing simpler and cooler. It gives 95% filtration effectiveness against liquid and solid aerosols that do not hold oil.

[Flu Grippe Influenza About] Does the Chimigen Vaccine Stop Bird Flu, Anthrax As well as ...: Doctor Rajan George: Chimigen therapeutic vaccine is used to create immune responses in a host against infections that are difficult to produce immune responses, by targeting the particular vaccine to dendritic cells. The Chimigen platform could be extended to develop therapies for difficult-to-treat chronic infectious illnesses.

[Pmf Legal Blog] Bird flu: how two mutant strains led to an international controversy: In that, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a virology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, merged bird flu with the highly transmissible swine flu virus, to make a hybrid strain that also spread among ferrets through airborne droplets. The swine flu virus, which originated in pigs, went global in humans, but while it killed more than 18,000 in the 2009 pandemic, was not as lethal as the World Health Organisation (WHO) feared.

[yirui1217] How to Protect Your Pets From Bird Flu - yirui1217: How to Protect Your Pets From Bird Flu: Mulberry outlet ,Fudge raised his hand; so did half a dozen others, including the witch on his right and the h .

[ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND CLIMATE CHANGE BLOG] Bird Flu May Increase Risk of Parkinson's: Researchers examined the brains of mice that survived a bout of H5N1 (mice and people both have the same about 50% survival rate). The researchers found nerve cells that make one of the brain's key messengers (dopamine, which helps regulate movement) shut down production about 10 days after infection.

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[The Loom] Flu Fighters | The Loom | Discover Magazine: The bird flu controversy first started to bubble up in September, when Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam described some of his unpublished results at a scientific meeting in Malta. It kicked into high gear when the National Science Advisory Board on Biosecurity issued their ruling, which Fouchier and Yoshihiro Kawaoka have agreed to.

[Doc Searls' IT Garage] Are splogs a form of bird flu, or just a PITA? | Doc Searls' IT Garage: Sploggers are probably biassed to harvesting what bloggers like us write, and what others write about what we write. The harvestings get published on splogs and get (if they succeed) Google juice and AdSense dollars out of it.

[] PCA 2012: A public health message ... - PokerStars Blog: We live in an era in which germs are one of the greatest threats to humanity. For the love of all that's holy and pure, two different scientific laboratories just created a strain of bird flu that is hyper-contagious and would kill more than half of the people it infected.

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