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UNICEF News[UNICEF News] the battle against avian influenza in their home province of West Java. The scouts recently gathered at a seaside town in Sukabumi district to learn about bird flu and how they can help protect their communities from the deadly virus.

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APFN;article=120282 [APFN] Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial (APFN): The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus.

AmericaWebmaster [AmericaWebmaster] How Effective Are Bird Flu Vaccines?: Among the Mekong countries, Vietnam is also doing avian flu vaccinations on a large scale. According to Dr Jeffrey Gilbert, avian flu senior technical coordinator for the FAO in Vietnam, a vaccination drive was launched in Vietnam with FAO support, and it is estimated that 99 percent of the vaccines were from the well-reputed Chinese Institute.


The Dickinson Press - Homepage[The Dickinson Press - Homepage] Searching for 'bird' flu: Fear of a pandemic flu, which had originated from birds, swept the world a couple of years ago. Advertisement: The Dickinson Press FREE Classified ad! 3 lines, 3 days for FREE! Bring in a non-perishable food item for a local food pantry ...

Indonesia News[Indonesia News] New line of defense against bird flu: Scouts in Indonesia perform a play showing the safe thing to do when you find a dead bird. Indonesia has a high incidence of bird flu, with West Java particularly affected.

The Great Beyond[The Great Beyond] Bird flu (news) strikes again: What has been done already on this project is that the consortium has developed the methods that the equipment will use, based on methods currently used in international reference laboratories, such as the Veterinary Laboratories Agency at Weybridge where Dr McNally used to work. The technology is a combination of PCR and microarray for which they have designed the primers and probes, with testing and validation almost complete.

Medicine News Blog Online[Medicine News Blog Online] Antibodies to 1918 flu pandemic may provide means to tackle bird ...: James Crowe Junior, a professor of pediatrics and director of the Vanderbilt Program in Vaccine Sciences, researchers collected blood samples from 32 survivors age 91-101 years and found that all reacted to the 1918 virus, suggesting that they still possessed antibodies to the virus.

Content Maker Network Blog[Content Maker Network Blog] When Birds Don’t Fly: The Bird Flu: We must first save the domestic and wild birds from the bird flu virus. We need our Sunday chicken, our Thanksgiving turkey, and all of our wild birds.

Health and Medical Consumer News -[Health and Medical Consumer News -] A primer on the flu: Seasonal flu outbreaks occur on a predictable cycle every year and are caused by known strains of influenza virus in the human population. For this reason, the body sometimes has a little immunity already, and the government makes a flu vaccine every year based on the most prevalent strains of flu circulating in the population.

World Nomads Travel Safety Hub [World Nomads Travel Safety Hub] Gear Review: "the internet" as a travel safety device: The Internet is not (yet) truly portable.  Off-the-beaten track and adventure travel often takes us away from The Grid.  Whilst there have been huge advances in mobile phone coverage across the globe, you cannot assume that your smartphone will get Web Access via these networks.  As a security device, the Internet loses marks for it's unreliable access. 

Medicine News Blog Online[Medicine News Blog Online] 1918 Flu Antibodies Resurrected from Elderly Survivors: The influenza pandemic of 1918 killed nearly 50 million people worldwide, many of whom were young, healthy adults. With fears of another looming flu pandemic stoked by the emergence of “bird flu” in Asia, researchers have wanted to study the 1918 virus and the immune response to it.

Global Threat Blog[Global Threat Blog] Bird Flu Statistics: Of the 15 countries where human cases of avian influenza have been reported, Bangladesh, Djibouti, and Myanmar have had the fewest: one nonfatal case each

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