Bird Flu Monitor > Jeff Gannon In A Dress Appears At George Bush "Press Conference" [Alpha Liberal: The Evolutionary Theory Of Politics] In a press conference this morning an exchange occurred between Bush and a "reporter", which can only be described as extremely bizarre. First, Bush became heavily flustered when a reporter asked him about his and Dick Cheney's involvement in the crime of leaking undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity to the public.

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Facing South  Facing South: Nagin said the move will save the city "$5 million to $8 million in salaries a month." Spread out over a year, that's still $22 million less than FEMA paid truckers to haul around ice after the hurricanes and was never delivered. It's $158 million less than FEMA's scandal-ridden deal with Carnival Cruise Lines to house Katrina evacuees. (via Cosmos)

Is That Legal? Is That Legal?: The exchange shows only that Bush very carefully denied two small facts and was expressly non-committal on the broader question that was actually asked. (via Cosmos)  Politically Inclined Heretic: After all, why would he need to have a press conference and ask his anti-abortion, anti-privacy and anti-gay Republican base to trust him and assure them of his nominee's conservative credentials if he were merely looking for a justice who wouldn't "legislate from the bench?" (via Cosmos)  Here I Stand: The Alliance for Moderate, Liberal and Progressive Blogs is a blogring dedicated to bringing together those blogs, especially religious blogs, which do not identify with the Right Wing. If you'd like to join the Alliance for Moderate, Liberal and Progressive Blogs, which is now 133 members strong and growing, click here. (via Cosmos)  The Alna Erratic: Don't demand an apology from the gambling-addled morals czar. Don't settle for his reedy "hypothesis" defense. (via Cosmos)

ReidBlog: What to do with the Bookie of Virtues, Bill Bennett, after he writes a Fristian prescription for exterminating crime by aborting Black babies? Balletshooz says fire the bastard, "don't ask him to apologize." Well, he's already been asked, Mr. (via Cosmos)  The SHEEP'S CRIB - Issues: But only idiots and morons take a shot at it! When, and if, any of Bennett's critics listen to the entire comment in context, they will be ashamed of themselves ... (via Cosmos) [The Alpha Liberal] News and Articles 3-5-05: The Bush administration gave the CIA extensive authority to send terrorism suspects to foreign countries for interrogation just days after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, The New York Times reported in Sunday editions.Citing current and former government officials, the newspaper reported President Bush signed a still-classified directive that gave the CIA a broad power to operate without case-by-case approval from the White House in the transfer of suspects -- a process known as rendition.[] Earl Bockenfeld's Radio Weblog: While neither Rove nor Libby is apparently a "target" of the investigation -- and while the "corruption" in Plamegate is moral rather than financial -- both men are known to have played a role in revealing or confirming Plame's identity in conversations with reporters, which may be a crime under federal law.

[] The American Street » 2005 » September: This is the perfect moment for a coordinated challenge to the failed ruling foreign policy–it is early enough to affect the midterms, and would lay the groundwork for Americans accepting a completely new frame by 2008 (which would, incidently, free us from the useless hot air of national leaders like Joe Biden–whom I actually love–who offer something like “responsible neoconservatism”). [] firedoglake: 02/06/2005 - 02/12/2005: He had his viewers, pathetic, deluded fuckers who sit in their shitty little rental units and think the liberals are the ones dicking them over with their "tax and spend" ways, terrorize Hamilton College into cancelling Churchill's appearance, an event which caused O'Reilly to crow like a buzzard finding a sweet cougar corpse. O'Reilly went further, though, pushing that Churchill ought not have his university position and lashing out at the old bugaboo of the "liberal media" when it was suggested that O'Reilly might have made more of this than necessary.

Bidstrup.com [] Letters From Exile: Yet another influence-peddling scandal emerging from the White House: Turns out that Jack Abramoff's lobbying firm had boasted to Tyco International that Abramoff's connections with the "highest officials in Congress," would enable them to help Tyco kill legislation that closed a loophole allowing corporations to avoid billions in taxes by moving their legal headquarters to a post office box offshore. Jack Abramoff, along with several of his associates, are under indictment for their involvement in fleecing several Indian tribes of millions for "consulting" fees.

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