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[Avian Flu Diary] Nestled as it is between two nations with a history of outbreaks of bird flu (India and China), and separated by but a few kilometers from Banglashesh – another H5N1 hotspot –

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[Bhutan Observer] Bird flu under control - Bhutan Observer - Bhutan News: Bird flu under control The recent outbreak of bird flu in Rinchending, Phuentsholing, is now under control, according to officials from the livestock department. The 3D team and a surveillance team are confined within the radius of three km and seven km from the epicentre of disease for 21 days to prevent the spread of flu.

[Health News] Mozambique sees rising deaths in cholera outbreak, with 42 dead ...: LONDON - A Japanese clothing firm is said to have created a men's suit that is specially treated to ward off the flu virus. Haruyama Trading Co, a leading menswear maker, has revealed that the suit is coated with the chemical titanium dioxide, which reacts with light to break down and kill the virus, reports the Daily Express.

[Chen Qi-The World of Micro-Organism H1N1|CHOLERA|DENGUE FEVER|H5N1|MALARIA] Animal disease warning issued as bird flu kills Mekong resident ...: The war against bird flu has forced the government and many businesses to organize and draft pandemic preparedness and response plans, as well as business contingency and continuity plans. These plans have been tested on many scales, from table top exercises such as mock up disaster response forums, to full scale simulations that include field exercises with mobilization of equipment and personnel.

[Ahrcanum "ahR-Kah-noom" > secret secrets] Migratory Birds Falling From Sky - Blame HAARP, Flu, Poison or ...: SANTA ANA, Calif.- January 7, 2010 ”” Pelicans suffering from a mysterious malady are crashing into cars and boats, wandering along roadways and turning up dead by the hundreds across the West Coast, from southern Oregon to Baja California, Mexico, bird-rescue workers say…some of the symptoms resemble those associated with domoic-acid poisoning ”” an ocean toxin that sometimes affects sea birds and mammals ”” other symptoms do not.

[New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog] New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: Bird flu whodunnit ...: It's hard to imagine a greater outpouring of collective scientific amnesia than has been in evidence this past week as the plot thickens around the H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Britain. Had the healthy turkeys that were slaughtered in Hungary and sent to Britain already been infected with H5N1 from the geese 250 kilometres away?

[The Bird Flu Report] Ostrich link to H5N1 infection in Vietnam? - The Bird Flu Report: A three-year-old girl in the central province of Khanh Hoa has tested positive for H5N1, becoming the country’s first bird flu patient this year, the Ministry of Health reported in Hanoi on Monday. The girl, who lives in Ninh Hoa District’s Ninh Than Commune, fell sick with fever, sore throat, cough and a runny nose on January 27.

[] | In the News (Cambodia): Bird flu kills ...: “The statement identified the bird flu-affected area as Pralay village, Romenh commune, Koh Andeth district. All ducks within 5 kilometres of the village will be incinerated, sales of duck meat will be stopped and local officials within 10 kilometres of the area must monitor both ducks and humans for signs of infection,” Ly Sovann said.

[Chen Qi-The World of Micro-Organism H1N1|CHOLERA|DENGUE FEVER|H5N1|MALARIA] Swine flu proves not all pandemics are lethal | Chen Qi-The World ...: No one knows how many people in New Zealand were exposed to the virus although researchers, who are taking blood samples from people to look for antibody evidence of swine flu exposure, expect to come up with a reliable calculation.

[Health News] States on Bangladesh border at bird flu risk: Pawar: NEW DELHI - Double your efforts to remove all misgivings regarding genetically modified (GM) crops from the minds of policy-makers and the public, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar told scientists here Wednesday. Inaugurating the two-day conference of vice-chancellors of agricultural universities and meeting of directors of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) here, Pawar said: "The recent decision on Bt Brinjal should not be seen as a setback to our efforts, but a challenge which we need to surmount."

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Vetsweb - News: India bird flu outbreak: 26000 ...: Based on the Bhopal lab report, the department of animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries (DAHD) of the Centre has written to the West Bengal government, asking it to take steps like culling birds that are within 3 km of the Nagar and Hazarabati villages .Bird flu makes a return, dead birds test positive in Murshidabad: the Union health ministry on Friday rushed a three-member team consisting of a physician from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi and .

[Health News] Over 3200 poultry culled in bird flu-hit Murshidabad district: Bale Chak Village (Tarn Taran) (Punjab), (ANI): Poultry farming in Punjab, which suffered heavy losses and closures during terrorism days and recently following the Bird flu scare, is now faced with another problem in the form of heavy tax duties. The Jammu and Kashmir state has imposed heavy tax duties on the import of the poultry birds from other states, as it has increased Tax on Poultry birds from Rs.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Why They Call It A Medium: Critical Care | Full text | Swine flu, pandemics, and critical care: Harper SA, Bradley JS, Englund JA, File TM, Gravenstein S, Hayden FG, McGeer AJ, Neuzil KM, Pavia AT, Tapper ML, Uyeki TM, ... Bird Flu Blog - - Online News Association ...: This reliance that governments around the world have placed on predominantly vaccination (cure) only is a decision that history will record as one of the ...

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