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[Avian Flu Diary] Below you'll find a chart lifted and edited from CIDRAP's excellent overview Avian Influenza (Bird Flu): Implications for Human Disease showing non-H5N1 avian flu infections in humans over the past decade. CIDRAP FluA .

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[ThePoultrySite - Industry News] Protocol on Handling of Avian Flu Suspected Birds Issued: According to the DA in Central Luzon, upon receiving report from the farmer, the livestock inspector (LI) or municipal agriculturist officer (MAO) must verify and report immediately to the Provincial Veterinary Office (ProVet).

[Global Health Magazine] World Health Organization Still Assessing Bird Flu Threat | Global ...: In addition, laboratory studies suggest that prescription medicines including Oseltamivir (commercial name: Tamiflu) and Relenza, which were licensed in the United States and Europe in 1999, could ward off the disease. Even so, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) warns that flu viruses might become resistant to these drugs.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: The Netherlands: Avian influenza at Turkey Farm ...: Avian Flu Talk: DANGER - THIS COULD BE IT: Citing an official source, Israel radio said that the Agriculture Ministry had confirmed that the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of bird flu led to the deaths of over .

[welcome to] Why Bird Control is Important | welcome to In particular, the deadly Avian flu or bird flu is caused by the Influenza A virus H5N1, which can be acquired from contact with the fluids of infected birds. Aside from endangering human health, bird pests also decrease crops and fruit harvests, imperil airplane flights, and destroy equipment and property.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Mild variant avian influenza in Zuidwolde ...: Avian Influenza – Bird Flu FAQ | Rural Health: In the human body, this avian flu virus then undergoes an antigenic shift, combines with genetic material of a human strain of influenza virus and creates an entirely ...

[] Honesty the best policy in avian flu, ractopamine issues?Editorials ...: Even before Taiwan's president, Ma Ying-jeou, assumes his second four-year term of office, his government under pressure from an outbreak of avian influenza and the problem of the growth compound ractopamine in beef imports, causing his approval ratings to slide again. The government has obviously not learned how to strike a balance between communication with the public and taking action through professional discussion and management.

[Coast to Coast AM - UFOs & Aerial Phenomena] Pandemic: Avian Flu - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Ridenour compared the bird flu mutation experiments of the CDC-NIH to acts of treason, suggesting the research is in violation of various biological weapons agreements and likely went around the checks and balances of oversight committees. He warned about the 'recipe' falling into the hands of nefarious people as the research has been sent for peer review to scores of scientists around the planet.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Baxter's avian flu vaccine gets EU approval ...: ..: In 2009, MIT researchers have explained why two mutations in the H1N1 avian flu virus were critical for viral transmission in humans during the 1918 pandemic outbreak that killed at least 50 million people -- believed more than that taken by the Black Death, and higher than the number killed in World War I. FAMINE.

[Health Blog] Avian Flu Scientists Will 'Pause' Controversial Research For 60 ...: In commenting on the new H5N1 viruses created by Fouchier and Kawaoka, the Chairman of the NSABB said, “I can’t think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one.” If this is so, why is the debate all about whether to publish the details of the H5N1 experiments, destroy the new viruses or put restrictions on future research when Nature could repeat the experiments on its own? Why haven’t influenza scientists and the public agencies that support their work organized a comprehensive, pragmatically focused program for laboratory and clinical research to see if one or more of these promising immunomodulatory agents could be used to reduce influenza-related mortality?

[Modern Survival Blog] H5N1 Avian Flu And You - Modern Survival Blog - Emergency ...: I know there are all kinds of conspiracy theories out about flu shots, or any shots for that matter, but everyone can’t be in on all the conspiracies unless I’m the only one left and you’re all laughing at me…you aren’t, are you?(TIC) Anyway the flu shot/mist is cheap, both monetarily and physically, defense against the flu. I have had a flu shot every year since the mid 70s and the mist for the past 5 years.

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