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H5N1 News [H5N1 News] Japan's Sharp Corp. said Wednesday it has confirmed that its improved air purification technology almost completely destroys the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus in the air.

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Hot News Together: Business, Economics & Finance [Hot News Together: Business, Economics & Finance] Sharp's Improved Air-Cleaning Tech Kills 99.9 Pct of Airborne H5N1: said Wednesday it has confirmed that its improved air purification technology almost completely destroys the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus in the air. The Japanese electronics maker enhanced its Plasmacluster Ions technology through a joint project

Health Experiment[Health Experiment] Sharp unveils new anti-bird flu air purifier: During the tests, the H5N1 virus was sprayed in a one-cubic metre (1.3-cubic yard) box with a concentration of 50,000 ions per cubic centimetre. Samples were then taken 10 minutes later and injected into cell cultures.

Louis J. Sheehan [Louis J. Sheehan] Louis J Sheehan 33851 A51: Etiology The cause of H5N1-Bird Flu is viral infection. Typically, influenza moves via airborne droplets which are inhaled into the victims respiratory tracts.

Flu Patrol [Flu Patrol] The best of Flu Patrol 2006: The Flu Patrol has had a big year, covering everything from the first human trial of a DNA-based bird flu vaccine to various treatments for the common cold. […]

My Computer Monkey 002 [My Computer Monkey 002] CapeCodToday: Renowned avian flu expert Robert Webster warned ABC News last week that there were “about even odds at this time for the (H5N1) virus to learn how to transmit human to human.” He cautioned, “Society just can’t accept the idea that 50 .

MCM012 [MCM012] PRWeb::: The resulting H5N1 pandemic will cripple the US economy, halting most commerce for a period of 12 to 24 months and bankrupting the federal government and most American citizens. The pandemic will also cause grave panic among the .

Medicine, drugs and health[Medicine, drugs and health] Statistical Method Used Influences Results Of Observational Studies: By infecting monkeys with Spanish flu, an international team of scientists think they may have discovered clues as to why the H5N1 Avian flu virus is so deadly to humans. The scientists report their findings in the current issue of .

Global Geopolitics News [Global Geopolitics News] Asia Pacific News Monitor: PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP): A 13-year-old Cambodian girl has died from bird flu, bringing the country’s death toll from the H5N1 virus to seven, the Health Ministry and the World Health Organization said in a joint statement Friday.

nextchina news[nextchina news] ZG Briefs 20 April 2006: China’s banking regulators on Tuesday issued rules for commercial banks to invest client funds offshore, an important step toward opening up the country’s tightly controlled foreign exchange regime. The regulations, which take effect immediately, are meant to widen the investment options available to institutional and individual investors, allowing them to diversify their risks and get better returns, the People’s Bank of China, or central bank, said in an announcement.

bryan internet news [bryan internet news] Oil Prices Drop Below $88 A Barrel: New H5N1 China Death - Human Transmission Likelihood Grows. China Human-To-Human H5N1 More Likely. US Military Brass Blames Israel For Iraq Quagmire. People Are Dangerously Ignorant Of Electronic Radiation ...

flu symptoms[flu symptoms] Novavax Says (Flu symptoms) Bird Flu Vaccines Effective: SignOn San Diego - GENEVA Two people who died of bird flu in Egypt last month had a strain of the H5N1 virus which has shown 'moderate' resistance to the frontline antiviral Tamiflu, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Thursday. Known as '294S', the mutated

butner blogspot [butner blogspot] The Bush Administration’s Secret Biowarfare Agenda: “Boyle (also) sheds new light on the motives for the (2001) anthrax attacks, the media black hole of silence (about them), and why the FBI may never apprehended the perpetrators of this seminal crime of the 21st century.” They killed five people, injured 17 others, and temporarily shut down Congress, the Supreme Court, and other federal operations.

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