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[Pandemic Virus Facts and Information] Doomsday predictions about bird flu seem to be spreading faster than the virus itself. But a small group of skeptics say the bird flu hype is overblown and ultimately harmful to the public’s health.

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Bloggersblog.com [] Bloggers Blog -- Bird Flu / Avian Flu: However, as the disease has spread and there have been more warnings from scientists and government leaders about the possibility of an unstoppable pandemic the number of bird flu bloggers has increased. Even more alarming was a recent study that found that the flu virus that caused the deadly 1918 flu pandemic also originated in birds just like the H5N1 strain that looms as a human threat today.[] H5N1Drome: [...] To keep the 1.8 million federal workers healthy and productive through a pandemic, the Bush administration would tap into its secure stash of medications, cancel large gatherings, encourage schools to close and shift air traffic controllers to the busier hubs -- probably where flu had not yet struck. Retired federal employees would be summoned back to work, and National Guard troops could be dispatched to cities facing possible "insurrection,"

Vegsource.com [] Blog Plate Special: 03/13/2005 - 03/19/2005: JAKARTA (Reuters) - Bird flu has re-emerged in Indonesia's main island of Java and South Sulawesi province since the start of the year, prompting the government to slaughter affected fowl, the agriculture ministry said on Thursday.

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