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Bird Flu Breaking News[Bird Flu Breaking News] Some avian flu H7 viruses growing more human-like.

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Bird Cause Flu[Bird Cause Flu] Some avian flu H7 viruses growing more human-like (CIDRAP): May 28, 2008 (CIDRAP News) - Scientists have found evidence that North American avian influenza viruses of the H7 subtype are becoming more like human flu viruses in their ability to attach to host cells, which suggests they may be .

Disillusioned Words[Disillusioned Words] Would Creating Human-Animal Hybrids Be Immoral And Unethical?: “The stem cell scientists are going into an area that President Bush had the guts to deny USA mad scientists.” I think we need to clarify that Bush didn’t actually deny this area to mad scientists.

COME HANG OUT AWHILE!EE4CE56B1F264AA3!384 [COME HANG OUT AWHILE] H5N1 Virus (aka The Bird Flu, Avian Influenza): What outbreak of avian flu spread accross the world tomorrow? What would the world do? What would Canada do? What would our gorernment do? What would YOU do? ---Well that is the question being asked and what do the experts have ...

LiveLife[LiveLife] The lead up to 'The Journey': Turns out he is from NZ and travelling with four of his mates (who where on the tour too), they where all sheep shaggers, sorry shearers!! Don't think I had ever met any real life sheep shearers, and I must say if they are all as hot and young as these guys I would like to meet some more :-) The bus trip was pretty cool and we where very rowdy, the bar opened at 10am half an hour after we had left!

Avian Flu - What we need to know[Avian Flu - What we need to know] Has the next flu pandemic started?: in Korea suggests the pandemic in 2005 may be beginning on two fronts, with avian viruses becoming more human-like in Vietnam and human viruses becoming more avian-like in Korea. Unfortunately, both sets of viruses can infect birds which could create more mixing and matching of genetic information. 

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