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[The Coming Crisis] The World Health Organization (WHO) updated the cumulative numbers of human cases of avian influenza, or as it is more commonly known as, bird flu Monday.

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[Set You Free News] S. Korea Confirms Outbreak of Avian Influenza | Set You Free News: South Korea on Tuesday confirmed an outbreak of a low pathogenic avian influenza virus in chickens previously tested positive for avian flu, the government said Tuesday.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: World Poultry - News: Indonesia: Avian influenza ...: Avian influenza, human (15): Indonesia: The 18-year-old man in Tangerang, who was suspected of being infected with bird flu and .

[VN MADE] VN MADE » France – Bird flu and swine flu: Other work underneath approach with a Institut Pasteur in Phnom Penh, in and with a Thai tyro and Murdoch University in Australia, rescued viruses of tellurian start on pig farms in Cambodia. A new investigate is now beginning, in organisation with a University of Hong Kong, on farms in Vietnam and Laos, with a perspective to improving a showing of new potentially pestilence strains in pigs.

[] Bird flu Avian Influenza | Do we need to stay away or avoid eating birds or poultry products to prevent bird flu? Certainly not as long as we are always able to maintain the health and cooking birds or poultry products, because this virus can die with a warm 90 degrees Celsius in 1 minute.

[ArticlesofIndia: Submit Your Quality Original Articles] The Avian Influenza Virus (Bird Flu) A Pandemic in the Making ...: Anyone who wants to reduce their chances of getting influenza can be vaccinated.  There are people who are at high risk to suffer serious complications if they were to contract influenza or people who care for such individuals.  These people should be vaccinated each year.  This group includes, persons 65 years of age or older.  People who live in nursing homes, or other long term care facilities.  Adults and children 6 months and older who have chronic heart or lung conditions, this is including asthma.  Adults and children 6 months and older who needed regular medical care or were in a hospital during the previous year because of a metabolic disease (like diabetes), chronic kidney disease, or weakened immune system, including immune system problems caused by infection with human immunodeficiency virus. [HIV/AIDS] Any Children 6 months to 18 years of age who are on long-term aspirin therapy.  This is because children given aspirin while they have influenza are at risk of Reye syndrome.  Any women who will be pregnant during the influenza season and all children 6 to 23 months of age should also be vaccinated yearly.

[TopNews United States] Avian Influenza Causing Concerns | TopNews United States: On Monday, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) informed that it had not received any report which may confirm the outbreak of avian influenza in Taiwan. The statement by the OIE has baffled the general public as the Spokeswoman of OIE, Maria Zampaglione, in January, confirmed of having received a report by the Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA).

[Health News @] Two mutations threat of avian flu - Health News @ Sentfromebove ...: Two mutations threat of avian flu · without comments. Avian influenza viruses use a receptor called SAalpha2, 3Gal. Human influenza viruses use a receptor called SAalpha2 closely related, 6Gal.Influenza viruses attach to ...

[3 Good Music] Avian influenza (bird flu) in Vietnam, 49 circumstances, 17 fatal · 3 ...: WHO is updating its table showing cumulative numbers of human cases of H5N1 avian influenza broken down based on phases in the outbreak, which began in December 2003. Numbers for Viet Nam, where the vast majority of .

[Lawfare] Lawfare › Making Avian Influenza As Contagious as Seasonal Flu: Given these risks, it seems fair to say that the H5N1 research would only have been worth doing if there were substantial benefits to be had from the knowledge acquired. Putting aside the knowledge-for-the-sake-of-knowledge justification, Eisen argues that, because of how the mutant H5N1 strain was created (in a small group of laboratory animals of a particular species), the research doesn’t actually tell us much about H5N1 mutations in the wild.

[Peter D Springberg, MD, FACP] Dangerous research on influenza H5N1, the “bird flu” | Peter D ...: The HPAI is the acronym for “Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza,” but in this case highly pathogenic, which translates into very likely to cause disease, mostly refers to birds.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Vietnam-Prevention of Avian Influenza - Getting ...: Facing the bird flu outbreak is the spread of power in many localities, 23-2 pm, the National Steering Committee on Avian Influenza Prevention convened an emergency meeting with local authorities in the .Nature video: Debating research on avian influenza H5N1 virus: Such research is now beeing held back, therefore leading to a delay in the development of countermeasures and (even more critical) inhibiting the possibility to .

[Rethinking Healthcare | smartplanet] Mutant flu studies: public health benefit or bioterrorism risk ...: The studies provide basic knowledge about the potential of H5N1 to mutate - information that help public health workers monitor wild viruses for similar mutations that make H5N1 more dangerous to humans. That way, health agencies could then advise manufacturers of flu drugs and vaccines to ramp up production, or instigate stricter measures to prevent transmission.

[Health And More] Pierre's random blog: Avian Bird Flu Poses Serious Threats To ...: The bird flu virus may also combine with ordinary human flu, thereby assimilating the characteristics of the disease, including its ability to infect humans. Mutation through combination with human flu can occur in the body of humans who contract the disease while being sick with human influenza or by being in contact (consumption, for example) with pigs, which serve as carrier of both kinds of flu.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Baxter's avian flu vaccine gets EU approval ...: In 2009, MIT researchers have explained why two mutations in the H1N1 avian flu virus were critical for viral transmission in humans during the 1918 pandemic outbreak that killed at least 50 million people -- believed more than that taken by the Black .On 23-2, the threat of avian influenza A/H5N1 outbreak, public health threat, the National Steering Committee for prevention of avian influenza conference briefings online direct emergency work prevention in many .

[Swine Flu Medicines] Swine Flu Explained | Swine Flu Medicines: Research in the Netherlands and the USA has shown that while human influenza viruses are able to bind with receptors in the windpipe, H5N1 binds only much deeper inside the lungs. This makes it more difficult for the virus to infect humans, because the virus is less likely to reach the inner lungs than the windpipe.

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