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[What's new in the world of pandemic and avian flu?] The purpose of the CARE Pandemic and Avian Flu Blog is to create a simple site where CARE staff can stay updated on the latest and most important pandemic and AI news. Since we have access to information and are constantly looking over pandemic and AI related news and materials, it helps us narrow down the best information and provide an easy place for CARE staff to stay updated with information tailored to their needs.

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[Abt Associates News] Combating Bird Flu in Vietnam: Raising Awareness for Healthier and ...: "Vietnam is an example of the progress we can achieve in addressing Avian Influenza when we work together to improve animal and human health" Ambassador Robert Loftis, the U.S. Special Representative for Avian and Pandemic Influenza on a visit to Khoa Nhu village in April 2009. One the most important results of the Abt Associates-led Avian Influenza Mekong Region Initiative, which is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has been increased awareness about the threat of infectious diseases like avian flu (AI). 

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: What's new in the world of pandemic and avian ...: The purpose of the CARE Pandemic and Avian Flu Blog is to create a simple site where CARE staff can stay updated on the latest and most important pandemic and AI news.

[RealAge--Avian Flu Information] Avian Flu Risk, Prevention, and Care--RealAge: According to the World Health Organization, we are presently at Stage 3, a “pandemic alert” stage, but with “no or very limited human-to-human transmission.” Especially since the bird flu outbreak in Turkey, some researchers find reasons to suggest that we may have progressed to Stage 4, with “evidence of increased human-to-human transmission.” 

[News] Yocum: AI task force ready for swine flu - Lebanon Daily News: After a worldwide outbreak of the avian flu, or bird flu, several years ago, the Lebanon County commissioners established the Lebanon County Avian Flu Task Force and charged it with developing a plan to deal with any such pandemic. The task force includes health officials from the Good Samaritan Health System as well as public-safety experts.

[Metaphysical Musings] Pandemic Pandemonium | Metaphysical Musings: Avian flu (AI)is caused by influenza viruses that occur naturally among wild birds. Low pathogenic AI is common in birds and causes few problems.

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: FDA Clears Rapid Test for Avian Influenza A ...: more avian influenza (AI) tests for use in a voluntary national poultry health program will improve the protection of US flocks from avian flu. Bird Flu Monitor: Egypt Reports 62nd Human Bird Flu Case: Pandemic .

[Living] Forum to discuss how congregations can help in flu outbreak - The ...: The flu virus is often spread primarily through coughing, sneezing and physical contact, so practical concerns for religious communities are many and wide-ranging: How should spiritual leaders deal with last rites, marriages and other ceremonies if large gatherings are discouraged? How do they find alternatives to shaking hands and passing the peace during worship services?

[Bird Flu Monitor] Bird Flu Monitor: Institute of Development Studies - News at IDS ...: World Bank Says Avian Influenza In Bangladesh Has Stabilized: "Bangladesh continues to remain a high-risk country for Avian Influenza (AI) outbreak," a WB press statement said in the capital, Dhaka. Pandemic Information News: A pneumonia and the avian influenza virus: Protein 'tubules' free avian flu virus from immune recognition: Adrien Collins's homepage: Just another weblog: stretches of .

[CHILDREN FEVER CLINIC] AVIAN FLU FOR PROFESSIONAL: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Avian Flu of Specific Interest to U.S. Servicemembers and Their Families

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[ScienceBlogs Channel : Medicine & Health] The evolving Swine Flu story : Effect Measure: I don't know how long it takes to get results back from the sample testing, but based on the high-level of response so far, can't we assume that the WHO, etc., already know that the Mexican cases are H1N1 and they're just waiting for the sequencing to be completed to see if there's a match to the US swine flu cases? And if there is a match, how concerned should we be?

[H5N1 Avian bird flu forecast blog] February bird flu Alerts 2009: Alerts are the top, daily news headlines with the keywords of H5N1, Avian (bird) influenza (or combination thereof). Since our goal is to forecast or calculate, we view these headlines as interesting indicators.

[ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed] Swine flu: CDC's Saturday press briefing : Effect Measure: Is it some difference in the information (looking at severely ill versus routine surveillance of outpatients), some difference in the virus (while the viruses are said to be "genetically identical" this is true only in the parts that have so far been compared) or some co-factor (e.g., co-infection with another pathogen). Determining the epidemic curve in Mexico or anywhere else (the evolution of cases over time) for a viral syndrome that is very non-specific (lots of noise from other viruses that cause the same syndrome) and for which diagnostic tests are time consuming, specialized and often unreliable is inherently difficult.

[Alex Jones' Prison] Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal: Initial studies by ImmuneRegen have revealed adjuvant activity for Homspera with influenza virus vaccines, resulting in greater antibody responses and corresponding protection from challenges with related viruses. Follow-up studies evaluating different treatment routes and a number of experimental vaccines have confirmed this adjuvant effect of Homspera…

[Signs of the Times] Signs of the Times News for Thu, 30 Apr 2009: - While it is almost a certainty that within the next few decades humanity will experience another influenza pandemic, it may not be caused by the avian influenza strain H5N1 that many scientists believe could be a prime candidate. "The next pandemic could well have the potential to kill as many or more people than that in 1918, but we are far better prepared to deal with the next influenza pandemic than we were that of 1918," says Levin.

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