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[ Bird Cause Flu] to Identify Molecules to Treat Human Infections with the Avian Flu Virus (“Bird Flu'’) (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance), Bird flu on the wane in southern Russia - minister (Russian Information Agency Novosti), U.S. prepares bird-flu plan for approval., Officials checking geese for bird flu (Albany Democrat-Herald), Avian flu outbreaks wax, wane (CIDRAP), Yolo gets ready for bird flu (The Davis Enterprise), McDonald’s isolates chickens to fight bird flu (">17

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Hugh Hewitt [Hugh Hewitt] Tick. Tick. Tick.: Nifong, meanwhile, is under fire from some segments of the community who think he has moved too slowly in the case and is coddling the white Duke students while not protecting the presumably less affluent dancer, who is black and attends N.C. Central University.

[Bird Flu Protection Tips and News Blog] Arizona Bird Flu Plan: The State of Arizona has created an Bird Flu / Influenza Pandemic Response Plan to promote an effective response throughout an influenza pandemic. While a pandemic response is primarily a public health response, many agencies, organizations, and private institutions will need to work in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure an effective overall response in Arizona.

[] Avian Flu - What we need to know: Even as the World Health Organization presses China and other countries to share bird-flu data for the public good, the WHO itself runs a database limited to a select group of scientists and containing a massive trove of data -- some 2,300 genetic sequences of the virus, around a third of the world's known sequences, according to two people familiar with the database's contents. Any one of those sequences could hold clues to an effective human vaccine or drugs that could kill the virus, or help scientists determine how great a threat it poses.

Nature.com [] Avian flu special The flu pandemic: were we ready? : Nature: Here's the transcript: "At this hour, the World Health Organization has declared a full-scale pandemic influenza alert, with person-to-person spread lasting more than two weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. During previous influenza pandemics in the United States, large numbers of people were ill, sought medical care, were hospitalized and died.

Googleblog.blogspot.com [] Official Google Blog: Bird flu basics: The avian flu's jump to humans was first detected in 1997, although all the human deaths reported so far (about 60 since 2003) have been due to transmission from animals to humans. There has been more concern recently because the virus has been detected in migratory birds which can't be caught and killed - and which may carry the virus to Europe and Africa within the next two migratory seasons.

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