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[In The Storm] of Homeland Security” From CNN: “The World Health Organization says an H5N1 avian flu pandemic

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Some related posts from Technorati and Google. [The Great Minnesota Progressive Newswire] Bird Flu Drug Rendered Useless: Amantadine is one of two types of medication for treating human influenza. But researchers determined last year that the H5N1 bird flu strain circulating in Vietnam and Thailand, the two countries hardest hit by the virus, had become resistant, leaving only an alternative drug that is difficult to produce in large amounts and much less affordable, especially for developing countries in Southeast Asia. [Adfunk Health Life] Report: Flu pandemic could kill half million in U.S.: WASHINGTON -- Half a million Americans could die and more than 2 million could end up in the hospital with serious complications if an even moderately severe strain of a pandemic flu hits, a report predicted on Friday.

[Avian Flu - What we need to know] Has the next flu pandemic started?: These changes have striking parallels with the 1918 pandemic which began as a mild infection in the sping of 1918 and evolved into an efficient killer in the fall. The current information coming out of northern Vietnam suggests a similar sequence of events may be happening in 2005, and the flu pandemic has begun as indicated

[] H5N1: A speaker at a Liverpool conference on animal-human disease transmission has argued that information is key to fighting Flu pandemics. He was pointing out the scarcity of information coming from sources like Vietnam and China, where we've learned just enough to make us anxious, but not enough to make sensible decisions.

Nature.com [] Avian flu special The flu pandemic: were we ready? : Nature: Here's the transcript: "At this hour, the World Health Organization has declared a full-scale pandemic influenza alert, with person-to-person spread lasting more than two weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. During previous influenza pandemics in the United States, large numbers of people were ill, sought medical care, were hospitalized and died.

[] Biopeer: Avian Flu (H5N1): The disease needs to be snuffed out at the source by rushing antiviral drugs to Southeast Asia where a flu outbreak in humans is likely to happen. As the threat grows, rich countries are stockpiling Tamiflu, the only known antiviral drug that can block the replication of the virus, but there is little available in the impoverished backwaters of Southeast Asia where the pandemic is likely to emerge.

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